The Burden – A Story by Arsh Sharma

“Don’t jump,” Ritesh opened his eyes to see a teenage girl wearing a brown leather jacket by his side. “It’s a 20 story building, you may or may not die,” she looked down and then glanced at him. Ritesh was sitting on the parapet wall of the terrace of a 20 story building. He had […]

Died With Covid

The Plant Dried in Summer; A Soul Left, Everyone Suffers; I Can Visualize; Emotions they must have realized…

Kiara - A Ballad

Introvert Kiara Turns To The Vamp

A Ballad on how an introvert named Kiara changes to the Vamp when her predicaments worsens and her want of freedom enchants her senses more than wisdom


This apocryphal story is set in the rural India where misogyny prevails with acceptance in every household. When few has better lives, there are still women fighting not for the riches but for her being accepted as human.
Ananya Das will definitely snatch your cribbing about misogyny as it will be nothing as compared to hers.
Read to find out the truth


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