The Victim – Author’s Note

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I don’t intend to share the blurb or the storyline here. It’s available on Amazon and with many other online stores. All I want to share are few events that lead to the creation of The Victim.

Why a dark thriller?

According to NCRB, every day 8 cases are filled against women violence. Every single day, 8 cases. That’s huge. Simple math will tell yearly cases of rape, molestation, and domestic violence. But again that number has not inspired or enraged me to write a savage book. The unspoken events of rape that didn’t catch the media attention, the sequestered right of the upper-class men to rape the lower class women, the plight of women in rural areas have inspired the story of The Victim.

Let me share some details. You definitely know the Nirbhaya case and the Hathras case. Did it enrage you? Well, if that doesn’t there are better stories I have written, and you can move on to those stories that have your interest. Read The Weird Man – A funny short story.

If those cases enraged you, if a tremor seeped through you when you know the details of that devilry, you must understand that those two cases are though how heinous they were being considered as a crime (or rape) and cold-blooded murder. When I say considered as a crime, it means that there was FIR registered and the case was fought in the court. A punishment may be sentenced when the appropriate time comes which may be after fifteen years. Never Mind. Let’s move on.

If you go deep in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh of our beloved nation, you will find that women are mere sex-machine. Few castes allow only boys in their family as a way of birth. Female babies are killed in the womb or by drowning in the milk. (I am not sure if drowning in the milk makes a crime, less terrible, anyways) Hence when these heirs, the proud sons of the family grow up and are ready to get married they can’t find a bride for themselves. And how will they, haven’t they killed her in the womb or immediately after birth? Hence in the household of four grown-up men ready for marriage, a bride is somehow managed for the eldest son. Due to lack of availability, this one bride is shared by all the brothers, with or without consent. Consent of women? Well, that phenomenon doesn’t even exist. This is a real story.

Let’s now go to the state where I belong, Gujarat. The boy-lover families are everywhere, and their failed bride hunt is the same. Here the family chooses to go to some lower caste families that live in the villages, give them ten to fifteen thousand rupees, and the fresh new bride is bought for their family, well sorry boy. This woman belonging to lower caste married to upper caste always remains a lower caste and becomes a mere object to satisfy men’s virility and conquer his apprehensive mind by beating her up.

There are villages in Uttar Pradesh where an upper-class boy can walk into the house of a lower-class family house satisfy his virility by raping the woman, girl, or baby of that house and go back to his house satisfied. There is no one to stop him, not even the girl’s family. This is the main reason why girls are married at an early age in the Villages. For a husband raping that innocent ignorant girl is better than the riff raffs from the neighborhood. The father and the mother console the daughter that it was her bad luck or her bad deeds of the past life that she has to face such fate. She has then rushed into marriage in a different village away from their hometown. The matter has been settled apparently oblivious to the fact that soon that very rapist will walk into another household.

This is what I call right to rape. If you have been in the villages of Uttar Pradesh, you may meet a congregation marching to someplace with a naked woman astride their necks impressing their superiority over the lower caste woman. All these are true stories and if you look deep and you must you will draw more intelligence into the matter.

Indian Penal Code recognizes rape as a crime but Indian culture or the old Indians treat rape as their birthright and sometimes when the girl’s family fights against them, they will settle it by paying two to three thousand rupees. In Indian villages, Rape is always settled with money.

All these events aren’t only of the current era, they have been since long perpetually occurring increasingly. Yes, all the states have police stations and courts. But the independent judiciary of India, a country with the most detailed constitution has better engagements than resolving the rape cases. For police has many times which is 90% of the time denied filing an FIR.

The caste system is deeply rooted in India and it is caste that decides your (and particularly of women’s) fate in villages and rural undeveloped areas of India, I refrain to state a single caste in this article. I am above it, my religion in humanity, and all I want to talk about is humanity. Also, I only and only want to share the crime against women. The media has a habit of fueling rape cases of some caste, but the caste should not increase or decrease the intensity of the rape. So, all I share here are facts without names and without their castes.

The cases of marital rape, domestic violence, and the negligent role of the Judiciary System for years to consider, have made The Victim a dark thriller. The time has come for all these atrocities and men’s chauvinism to stop, to diminish the crime against women, and eventually to stop them perpetually, accepting women as human beings.

The Victim is hence a savage reply to these heinous crimes against women and now in the 21st century against men too. Unfortunately, the culprit always remains the same – few illiterate egotistical men.

I am also aware of few women in the metros who have faked rape for their individual benefit or for revenge. I absolutely abhor them.

The Victim – Novel

The main plot of The Victim is rape, but you will definitely find it interesting as the characters are intriguing, and as they unfold their other aspects of life in general, their newly acquired riches through cryptos, their plans of escape, and their encounters with death, you will definitely want to know more. I am totally fed up with portraying women as divine, fair beings. Monica the main character is rather more aggressive and brave, ready to kill for justice. The torture and style of murder employed in The Victim don’t have any nuances. It has been borne by Indian women since time unknown. The nuance is that Monica employs the same torture tools on the non-convicted rapists who are roaming the earth with the arrogance and the pride of being the victor. She has a clear perspective and a plan of making that victor now her victim.

The Victim is placed in Ahmedabad and Mumbai and the affluent characters and their intricate planning to revenge the alleged and non-convicted rapists will put you in their predicaments very conveniently and you may fall in love with one of them.

Few people have loved reading the Victim and I am totally happy with their reviews. There are few who have found it a package of feminism. Well if this article makes you think I am a feminist then so let it be. Let’s just agree to disagree.

You can check out the reviews on Amazon and if you like the story kindly share your views. Your reviews will give me approbation in writing my current manuscript that revolves around the Culture of India, politics, and terrorism (again) and the plight of women in the middle to upper class remains the main plot of the story.

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Do read the story of Inspector Manjitha who has worked for the improvement of women in the Chhara community of the Ahmedabad region. Click to read.

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