Thin Chances – Poetry by Damian Don Williams

You realise you’ve been single,

For a time so very long,

When you start writing poems,

On girlfriends who are long gone.

So as I sit at the bar this evening,

Having drunk down two glasses of gin.

I contemplate on why my chances,

Have been so absurdly thin. 

I’ll start with my first crush,

For whom I’d always be around.

Until she pulled my cheeks and said (and I quote),

“You’re the best brother I ever found”

Then there was my first love,

A girl who I cherished until,

I decided to surprise her one afternoon,

And she surprised me with her boyfriend Will.

Then there was my second,

A girl who made my heart twitch,

Soon things got out of hand,

And I learnt that she’s a (cough) snitch.

She ratted me out to my mother,

When my buddies and I went on a trip.

My arrival back home was unpleasant,

And I felt the tip of mum’s whip.

My third was an absolute stunner,

But distance made us work it over call,

Two months later I was ghosted,

Her memory drove me up the wall.

Just when you think it’s over,

You get your life back on the loose,

Along comes another pretty lass,

And puts your head in the noose.

So I had a date this evening,

With a lass who I met at the mall,

I arrived early as usual,

And waited for her with a scrawl (because obviously, I don’t like people who are late)

She trotted in half an hour later,

And sauntered in in style.

“I apologize for being late” she admitted,

And melted my heart with a smile.

A few minutes into our meal,

The evening was beginning to look swell.

I’ve never been this fancied by a girl,

I fancied this date will last well.

I imagined that we would go a long way,

Our love would soon bloom and blossom.

Our marriage will be an unforgettable day,

And our kids would be plain awesome.

A hard bam knocked my plate off to the floor,

I was faced by a man of iron.

He grabbed by date by her arm and said

“Leave her ya schmuck, she is mine”

So as I sit here, with a swollen eye,

Having drunken down two glasses of gin.

I think over why love isn’t made for me,

I wonder why my chances are so thin.

About Damian Don Williams

Damian Don Williams wrote his first book called Truth Behind Love, in class 9 (2013), while he was still in boarding school at La Martiniere College, Lucknow. He took a break then to focus on his studies and after his schooling, he took up short story writing, blog writing and content/ freelance writing while continuing his education from St Xaviers’ College, Kolkata. He wrote ‘Donovan Figg’, two years ago as a short story for his blog, but just continued to write on it because the character of Donovan Figg kept him entertained. He published Life with Figg in October 2019, and it kicked off quite well among his boarding house friends, as they could relate to the mischief of boarding school. Later he continued to write short stories and poems and went on to win a medal for poetry a couple of months ago.

Besides writing, he loves other recreational activities like singing, jive dancing, sports, screenplay writing, travelling and several other interests. Read more from Damian and about his books Click Here or you can connect with Damian on Instagram (Click).

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