Died With Covid

The plant dried up in Summer

A soul left, everyone suffers

I can visualize

Emotions they must have realized

They might have some last words to say

Last wishes on their last day

Few memories to tread on again

Few last hugs to daughter and son

Hearing the chanting of Lord

That’s best way to unite to God

But look at the dismay,

All few people got is loneliness and dismal

Lying on their Covid Bed lonely

Hearing the beeps solely

The tubes running through skin

Weren’t the best of the kin

None knew how they faced death

Clutching their chest in pain or were at rest

One thing is sure they were in hell

Where none heard their yell

And when the soul went to heaven

It must have turn heathen

The soul shudders as they embark

The dead now burn at dusk n’ dark

They were alone when dead

The family died in their head

And when you turn to a family of the deceased

Standing with the ‘Body’ in scorching sun accepting defeat

Waiting for their turn to do the rituals

Raging for impeding their spirituals

The eyes full of despair

Enduring bruises beyond repair

The deep hollowness rolled out as a tear

Atrembled lips spoke with fear

An unspoken question screams sensibly

Who failed at their responsibility?

The one who created the Virus-War

The one who catalyzed to spread more?

© Shanu Shah

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