Dark Heavens – Chapter 3

Brutal War

The army gathers outside the mansion into the moonless night on Neil Island. Every vampire is first offered with the obsidian pendant. This will protect them from silver coming their way. Once one thousand vampires adore the obsidian pendant, they drink the blood, a colloid made from human blood and Vampires’ blood that died happily and willingly. The infamous stories of the dark magic generating from the vampire that has died happily were very prevalent among the society and it turns out to be more than powerful when Vlad experiments it on himself. A single swig and Vlad could feel stronger. He asks the guard to shoot him with silver, it deviates. He asks Santiago to stab the Silversword, it enters and exits him smoothly, healing him faster than his own blood. He hits the pillar next to him, it turns to ashes. A look out of the window, into the darkness, on the ground that is thirty feet down, he sees ants stuttering to their home.

He turns abruptly for a distance buzz, waits, calculates twenty-second there will be a knock on the door. And indeed. A knock is heard. Jasmine enters looking around, shudders, fear seeps through her. She looks un-trustfully at Vlad. Her love has been long replaced by vengeance. She likes what she sees. Longer fangs and sharper teeth on Vlad made him more Vampiric than ever. His leonine face and broad-muscular shoulders will make his pray shudder with fear.

A diluted form of Colloid was given to the army. Santiago was skeptical about few being traitors. A translucent layer around the wearer was formed slowly and strongly. Vlad shoots one of them with a silver bullet, the whole army shivers for such an act, but it bounced back. They relax and praise the Obsidian pendant. The protection was strong. Vlad didn’t bother to explain anything about the blood colloid they had a few moments earlier.

“The obsidian that you are wearing is connected with your emotions. Stronger rage and hatred for those vile vampires who had defamed us and are on the verge of exterminating the entire race the stronger will be your cover. And yet you have to be careful. It will wear off with multiple hits and if we have obsidian protection they will have something to break it” Vlad said gruffly.

The army immediately boards the fighter jets. Ten fighter jets take off to Madison. The jet’s back door opens and the vampires flew to the streets holding their guns tightly. They start shooting right from the air. The river now has silver mixed with red blood. Many lifeless vampires lay there cursing.

In the laboratories of Vlad, when they were trying to form a protective cover for all the vampires that were under their league which they made with colloid of human and vampire blood, and few other things that Vlad kept it from both Santiago and Jasmine. The colloid left a purple residue on the bottom of the vessel. The residue however proved quite lethal. Mere touch burnt the whole body of the scientist, who was making it. The scientist was a vampire.

A hundred liter of colloid was made that gives five hundred kilograms of purple residue. The purple residue was then carefully processed to form small pinballs that are now shot from Vlad’s army, blasting the vampires turning the red blood river into black. With the most lethal weapons and strongest protection, the war will be won, Santiago thinks.

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