Dark Heavens – Chapter 2

Ready To Fight

“Jasmine” Vlad mutters. “Did you see Jasmine’s body?”

“Well no, I thought you…”

“Who told you Jasmine’s Dead?” Vlad cuts in

Santiago was now pondering into his own mind. The macabre, the outbreak at the Berspark, death of his own sister, so much was happening at the moment that he didn’t even put a thought that Vlad might still look through.

“There is more than you think” Vlad says gravely. “We can have Marlin’s funeral tomorrow morning” says Vlad with sympathy. Marlin was his friend and it was Marlin who have saved his life before. Yet he could not save her back. He does not even know she needs saving. Though Vlad is always in control on his emotions his insecurities are growing like termites eating his insides. Weakening him. Making him vulnerable. His fragile aura giving away to slightest anomaly. He waits for night. For darkness to engulf him and make him stronger than the strongest vampire.

He begins his research for the time being to make powers now one has heard. But that need more sinister ingredients. Available, but was he ready for that.

He gets up walks through the corridor, the single door on that floor is closed, yet voices made their way to Vlad.

“You will not be spared” says a voice

“Vlad will know” says Santiago

“Not if you don’t tell him” says the girl

“No more traitors here” Vlad roars, rattling the doors. He glares at the door, his vision x-raying through and seeing too vampires standing there. Santiago and Jasmine. His heart broke with his vision too.

He knows she is vampire, obviously he can tell. He remembers him asking Jasmine to become vampire and her denying it. She was scared she had said.

A third vampire in the forbidden area enters, looks at Vlad and freezes.

“What are you doing here?” Vlad asks, his eyes green.

“I… I … Sanitago” was all he could say.

“SANTIAGO!” Vlad roars.

Both of them comes out. Vlad could sense the emotions of Jasmine. She was scared, bewildered and her thoughts were more questions than the excuses.

He steps towards her, holds her hands. Jasmine shudders. She knew her life is over now. She knew Vlad well.

Vlad closes his eyes trying to see her past. He could see Santiago carrying her on her shoulders and bringing her here. He fed her vampire blood that healed her and hence he sired her. She just woke few minutes back bewildered and fighting with Santiago first, and then begging her not to inform Vlad.

“What is it that you want to hide from me?” Vlad fumes

“That I am here I should go.” Jasmine quivers.

“Let her go” says Vlad, his face going from red to bright crimson and walks away. He does not have time for histrionics of humans. Or recently turned vampires rather. He has a war to fight. He goes to dungeon. The lower floor of the dungeon has traitors. They are caught and tied with silver. The humans are simply kept in prison. He walks till the far end of the dungeon with biggest prison room where a man lay on the comfortable bed, awake.

He stands there as two guards open the doors. The man does not budge. Vlad sits on the chair, guards pushes the man up. He lays down again and immediately. Vlad waves the guards out.

“Dad” Vlad says without any emotion. The man looks at Vlad with despise, he gets up nevertheless.

“It’s your time to die” Vlad says hollowly “I would like to know your last wish. I don’t ask this to everyone that I kill. Only you. So be sane with what you wish.” Vlad says staring at his father

“I am your father. I nourished you. Made sacrifices for you. And today when you are strong you want to kill me. And oh… look at the audacity… you heartless daft, you come to your father and tell him this” Dad looks away. His face twitches. Vlad averts his eyes, he sees all the fitness equipment lying, an empty diner plate, and assorted fruits in a basket nearby. The prison room was well decorated with his dad’s pictures. He holidaying with his numerous girlfriends. Vlad hates those pictures, he detest the fact that there isn’t a single one that has him or his mom. He also know that’s on purpose. His father has always hated him and his mother. He would come home drunk, beat his mom and if he tried to save her he would beat him up more violently.

During a night in November, his dad has come home with another woman. His mother did not let them in. It was then he, his father has lost his temper and started beating her up. He didn’t stop until he realise that she is no longer screaming, she is no longer moving. The woman who came with him disappeared before he could notice. Vlad had cried for hours then. Later he left his house and started wondering the streets at night to steal food. It was then he met a vampire, and turned into one. After few years of his wealth and fortune he turned his father into vampire and imprisoned him forever. It has been four hundred years since his father has seen the outside world. Initially he had been violent asking for woman and freedom. Vampires can be intensely verile. But none of his wish were granted. And today Vlad knows very well his father would ask for woman and freedom. He simply waits for the desires to surface. He wants his father to be happy when he kills him.

“Vlad” A mellifluous voice strikes Vlad’s ears, rising the desires that he does not welcome today. Though he does not looks back he very well know who has followed him here. Dad gets on his feet.

“I want to say something before I leave” Jasmine says standing behind Vlad.

“I have business here” Vlad is intrigued. Yet he makes it sounds un-important and un-necessary. Dad scans Jasmine.

“I will wait. In the ROOM” Jasmine sings pressing the word room and exits. Vlad gets up after he hears the bang of the door.

“Quick Dad” Vlad suddenly wants to finish this quickly.

“I want to kill you first” Dad squeaks. He leers at the spot where Jasmine was standing few moments ago.

“Alright” Vlad gets on his feet. Dad averts finally. His face twisted.

“I will get you a woman. Behave. Only sex. The cameras are still on” Vlad warns pointing at the little CCTV camera that dangles from ceiling.

“I want what I ask.” Dad revolts.

“A Woman or nothing?” Vlad says placidly, making a final offer. He simply wants his Dad to be happy before he dies. It wasn’t difficult at all.

“Woman” Dad mutters. He agrees to one thing that he has been wanting for years. He does not even know for how long he has been in that little room. There were no clocks, no calendars nothing that will tell you the time of the day, or day of the year, year of his life. He had been wondering about death for since long. He knows it has been long, and he will die any day now. Though his vampiric blood kept him alive and energetic, he was sure to die soon. And the day has come. But why will Vlad want him to die happily? Dad was not ready to fulfill his wishes. He does not know anything about the outside world. But he can sense fear and insecurities in Vlad, magic installed by Vampiric blood. He will die painfully. No matter what. Once the woman leaves, Dad plans to escape and obviously, the guards will come with silver swords that he will grab and kill himself. He grins a most devilish grin that can scare the strongest devil.

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