Dark Heavens – Chapter 1

A Story of Treachery and Obsession

“Vlad!” Santiago quakes “Leave her. She is empty.”

Vlad looks back, blood dripping from his mouth, rage in his eyes. He stares at Santiago for a minute as if trying to recognize him. His face is dead, his eyes red. He glares again at the exsiccate body of the girl.

“Let’s go! Hurry.” Santiago gulps. He charges towards the exit.

Vladimir Balsbora was full of rage. His vengeance masquerades his hunger. Hunger for human blood. Not just any humans though. Vampires and Humans aren’t friendly acquaintances, nevertheless, trying to co-exist with little betrayal. Yet few mortal devils chose their path of death without pondering much on the repercussions of challenging the immortal Vampires. Yes, Vlad is immortal. Silver could not kill him. He had achieved that through several years of research. So is his closely-knit group. The five humans that betrayed him have to die. Brutally. And what better way to suck their blood, alive till they die themselves!

Vlad flies to the top window and with lightning speed disappearing before the human police enters the room.

His helicopter is waiting for him at the helipad on top of the hundred storey building ready to take him and Santiago to his mansion. As Helicopter reaches Berspark Island, it thunders with the blast razing his mansion, fabricating a never ending war between humans and vampires. He roars with disgust, his eyes turning green from red and his fangs shooting up.

Santiago immediately gives another address, his own little house located at the Neil Island in the Indian Ocean. Neil Island is in absolute different time zone. The Sun shines at five in the morning, sets at two at noon and the whole islands is wrapped in sheaths of darkness by five o’clock. This is best suitable for new vampires who will have more time awake. Vlad has constructed dungeons that can accommodate thousand vampires to train them here. Long nights make it possible for them to learn magic of being vampire. Santiago was in charge of the whole Vampire Training Mansion and he has constructed his own little home spread into twelve hundred acres as he loved the island’s serenity and vast variety of marine creatures.

The Vampire Training Centre has five floors, maximum the government has allowed. The basement is for humans who are ready to donate blood in exchange of protection and money. The top floor inaccessible to anyone but Vlad and Santiago has special suits for both of them. In between lives one thousand vampires, new and old all-together.

Vlad goes to his room, shutting for rest of the day. His room has special communication system installed. He talks to most of the vampires to employ them in his army. The Human – Vampire Association has been dissolved as Darth has killed many humans for his hunger of power. Darth is self-proclaimed prince of the Vampiric World and wanted to establish a central authority that every vampire will follow. Few tagged along for the fear while many ignored him considering him a joker. But Darth is definitely a grotesque.  He sucks blood from living humans in broad day light proclaiming his power and intentions to rule the dark world. When the Human Vampire Association breaks and the humans now want every vampire dead. Human’s blind vengeance killed many fellow humans, as usual by nature. In fact more humans are killed, only a couple of vampires are terminated by Humans. Among the human macabre lay Vlad’s love. The girl he admired the most and loved so deeply that the news broke him and made him vulnerable again. He is now in r3evenging every Human or Vampire responsible for the macabre.

Vlad finally places a call to Mr Bilroy, who was the head of Human – Vampire Association, he is a human. Though the association has been dissolved, Mr Bilroy’s decision are welcomed by Vampires and Humans equally. He is still influential. The moment the line connects, Mr Bilroy shows him the video of doings of his community.

Several vampires claims free reign siring many humans to vampires and eating others’ flesh. Screams did not stop from any street. Every face of every man is filled with fear. A river of blood ran through streets, few younger vampires were seen drinking it cheerfully.

“If I find you, which I will, you will face worst death than this” Mr Bilroy yells

“We are not the part of this macabre. We don’t do this to humans. And I am here to fight this brutal killings and stop it”

“I salute your audacity and optimism, but you are better DEAD” with this the line goes dead.

Vlad glares at the screen. He has seen a shadow. A shadow of someone he knows. This is trap. The Human – Vampire association has been captured by another entity and he knows what that means well.

He calls Santiago. He wants his army ready. Sire more vampires if they agree and coax those who does not, I want a huge army. Vlad informs him. His anger can cast away his aura, an aura that makes him immortal, in this time of betrayal all his thoughts were nurturing more anger. A single thought of Jasmine made his aura stronger than ever. She was human and loved Vlad very much. She left her home to be with him and that was the reason for her death. He should not have loved her back and risk her life unless she becomes immortal. Yet the guilt wraps him stronger, he could sense similar emotions and he turns around to see Santiago standing.

“What is it?” Vlad glares back at the screen still standing in same position, not wanting to look again at Santiago who might sense his emotions.

“It isn’t your fault, its mine. Jasmine was killed because I was lenient to her. I was responsible for her security” Santiago waits for a response. There is lot he want to say. His feelings and information both fails to form words and he stands there with his guilt. It’s a bad day. Worse. Worse than worse probably. The Dark Heaven has fallen.

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