Introvert Kiara Turns To The Vamp

Kiara - A Ballad

She was ambitious


Not Avaricious

Her peer saw her as ingenious

Meticulous and fabulous

Yet she waddles and flounders

On the corporate ladder

For there was one thing she lacked completely

That’s sycophancy

When her affliction

Wins on determination

Kiara was anomalous

Yet not treacherous

Her pauchy, reeky, harpy Boss

Threw her out, a bacteria on floss

Her parents think they know the solution

They got her groom to overcome depression

The in-laws were her new challenge

After all, she was worst at work-home balance

It was difficult to voice her opinion

She agreed equally to the King and the Minion

No! Kiara isn’t a pervert

Just an introvert

Meditation did gave her some sanity

No one could fill that vanity

During a night of November

Her heart was hotter than ember

The introvert was not ready to accept failure

For her life she is the sailor

She ruffles some books

Changes few hooks

Meetings at the nook

Finally getting, what she looks

Sneezed at some chemicals she brew in laboratory

Drinks the elixir and waits in the lavatory

And then

She feels it

Rising into her

Some super power

She tweaks and twists in delight

For sure, her future is bright

Her life took desired toss

Kiara is now the Boss

Her eyes twinkled as she gets the jack

And a chance to retort and payback

Tormented her manager

Taunted her in-law


Till her husband dropped

Laughing at the colossal gains

She had everything except pain

When sun scorched in June

She lost her tune

The chemicals din’t mix correctly

A slight pink was now crimson vividly

She drinks it, strong will make me champ

Nevertheless, her nose crooked

Her teeth sharpened

Her eyes crimson

And she is literally the Vamp

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