-The Radical Notion of Accepting Her as Human Being. It is read across the globe.

Genre: Literature and Fiction

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This apocryphal story is set in rural India where misogyny prevails with acceptance in every household. When few have better lives, there are still women fighting not for the riches but for her being accepted as human.
Ananya Das will definitely snatch your cribbing about misogyny as it will be nothing as compared to hers.
Read to find out the truth.

Retributioner has been read across the globe and received a five-star rating by all its readers. It is read in India, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and France. A short story that gripped so many people is the real achievement of me as a writer and motivates me to create more fascinating people and a more mesmerizing world.

Total Pages:14

Just a ten minute read

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