The Weird Man

The Weird Man a short fantasy story by Shanu Shah

Viato shuddered as he heard loud banging on his front door. As he neared the door he could hear people screaming too.

He latched the chain and opened the door very slowly.

“Open the door fast” Keritesi screamed. He did, she rushed in and closed it quickly panting.

“What is happening? Do you want something to drink” Viato brought a cup and she swallowed in a single swig.

“Tell me what happened?” Viato asked he shivered as he could hear more screams coming from outside.

Keritesi said, “When I came out of the office structure I heard something.”

“What did you heard??” Viato turned to face Keritesi

“Screams. Lots and lots of screams”


“Everyone was running  and screaming.And then I saw something very horrible.”

“What did you see?” He beckoned the curtains only little, to see at the streets, he has a knot in his throat to see everyone running around in confusion. Every face wore fear and anxiety.

“Someone or something very horrible”


 “It was in plain white… clothes, shouting strange things in strange language.”

“Oh..!! ” Vaito was now sweating red with nervousness.

“He started running behind me, so I too started running faster.”

“Everyone on the streets where scared as he was bawled absurdly in incongruous language”

“Incongruous language??” Viato was now more scared.

“Yes” Keritesi replied. “I understood only little of his shouting though”

“What did you understand?”

“He was saying something very strange. Something really really strange”

“But what?”

“He said he is from Planet Earth!”

“What?” Viato almost shouted with horror

“Yes. He did mention Planet Earth”

“But what is that weird man in white clothes from Planet Earth doing here in Yarossango?”

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